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VitalFusions Spa Services

We offer a variety of soothing spa services specifically designed to rejuvenate your skin and help give you a detoxifying boost.

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Seaweed Detox Body Wrap

A rejuvenating body scrub followed by a body wrap rich in trace elements and minerals from the sea. This scrub and wrap will rid your body of toxins through your pores while adding calming and cleansing nutrients. Your skin will look and feel soft, supple and glowing following this luxurious wrap. In addition to glowing skin, this wrap will shed pounds of toxic water weight from your body. Pairs perfectly before one of our replenishing and rehydrating drips.

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VitalSkin | Red Carpet Facial

Make sure your inner beauty matches your outer beauty! Relax and let us pamper your skin while you are receiving your infusion. We’ll make you look picture perfect for your night out!

Custom Blend Enzymatic Peel

Renew This peel is formulated specifically for your skin type. With extremely gentle enzymes and retinols that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin, our custom blended peel will tone your skin, minimize pores, fine lines and wrinkles, relieve acne, roseaca and discolorations, slough off dead skin cells and improve the overall clarity of your skin.

LED & DPL Light

Restore Your skin with our anti-aging and anti-acne LED and Infared light treatment. LED and Infared light penetrate deeply within the dermal layers of your skin to boost collagen and elastin, fade hyperpigmentation and discoloration kill acne causing bacteria, and relieve roseaca. This treatment which is individually customized for your skin type will leave your skin noticeably plumped, soft and clear with a radiant glow from within. All with zero downtime!

Stabilized Vitamin C Mask

Revitalize Finish your beauty package with Villa Florianis potent vitamin C mask, or a customized mask formulated for your skin type. Our custom masks will leave you with a beautiful glowing and dewy complexion. You’ll truly be ready for a night on the town after allowing us to pamper you!

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